Nrwl Architects Juri Strumpflohner and Isaac Mann presented Smarter & Faster Angular Development with Nx, a free, live EnterpriseNG webinar for Angular developers in October, 2020. In case you missed the stream — or if you tuned in live but want to review the content again — the video and slides are available below.

What you will learn:

  • Driving good architecture with Nx using monorepo development: how Nx helps solve problems that developers face when structuring projects
  • How Nx provides modern tools and improved developer experience (to learn more about how Nx modernizes Angular, you can also check out this blog post)
  • Scalability and increased development and build speed with Nx
  • Demos!
  • Q&A

You can watch the full webinar for free below 👇, or view the slides by clicking here.

Learn about Run Details View in Nx Cloud in less than 5 minutes —

Somewhere on a remote team far, far away…

👨🏼‍💻 “Hey, I’ve got failing tests locally again :(”

👩🏾‍💻 “Which ones?”

👨🏼‍💻 “Uh…I’m not actually sure yet, I was running nx affected:test and it ended up testing all of the UI projects.”

👩🏾‍💻 “Can…

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Coming together during pandemic times

A message from Amanda Connon-Unda, Nrwl’s VP of Marketing

Never before has the world seen the kind of viral outbreak at the global speeds we’re experiencing with covid-19. While our team is already predominantly remote, serving our clients in a distributed way since the…

Dear Nrwl blog readers,

This week we launched our new Nx Cloud platform to a few Nx users who are friends of Nrwl.

Request your invitation for early access! ➡️

☁️ Connect your Nx workspace with our cloud to build faster!

  • See instant results to decrease your wait-time for builds with our securely enabled distributed build artifact caching.
  • See how your builds fit into your team’s development lifecycle and get actionable insights to increase your velocity.

Plus, catch up on the blog this week:

Best wishes,

The Nrwl Team

We help teams via training, consulting, and open source Nx dev tools. Follow,,

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